Abtei Hair Vital Depot Formula, Intensive treatment with biotin plus zinc + folic acid + B-complex from Germany

Abtei Hair Vital Depot Formula

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Abtei Hair Vital Depot Formula, Intensive treatment with biotin plus zinc + folic acid + B-complex from Germany


Abtei Hair Vital Depot Formula Intensive treatment with biotin plus zinc + folic acid + B-complex

Content: 30 tablets (one tablet per day)

Made in Germany

For strong, healthy hair.

For the construction of healthy and strong hair, the body needs an adequate supply of nutrients. A particular importance are zinc and B-vitamins, including pantothenic acid and biotin. They are important for strengthening the hair structure and support healthy hair growth.

Abtei Haarvital Depot intensive treatment tablets contain a special nutrient composition of zinc and biotin. In addition, they also contain valuable B-vitamins, such as Pantothenic acid and folic acid.

Fed daily as a dietary supplement, make Abtei Hair Vital Dpeot intensive treatment tablets an important contribution to the health of the hair:

– Biotin supports healthy hair and strong structure. – Niacin is a vitamin of the B group, which supports the health of the scalp. – Zinc and folic acid and vitamin B12, which belong to the group of B vitamins are involved in cell growth.

The special feature of Abtei Hair Vital intensive treatment is the depot effect, which delivers the nutrients from his custody for several hours to the body. Thus, a continuous supply of the contained nutrients is ensured.

Abtei Hair Vital Depot Intensive treatment – for strong and healthy hair.

Food supplement with zinc, biotin, pantothenic acid and other vitamins of the B complex.





Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg

Original German Language Edition

Usage Age

over 18 years

Directions of use

Take 1 tablet – per day – with plenty of fluid (for example, half glass of water.), swallow.


30 tablets

Country/Region of Manufacture



Please dont buy a item if you not sure what you buy! For risks and side effects consult your doctor, before you buy and use this product! Please dont play with your health! Any use at your own risk! The box and the leaflet are in german language only! The tablets are a traditional herbal medicine that is registered solely on the basis of long-standing use of the application. The user should consult a doctor or other entities operating in a qualified health care practitioner with symptoms persist or in other than mentioned in this leaflet occurrence of side effects.


dicalcium phosphate dihydrate filler; maltodextrin; Fillers hydroxypropyl cellulose; nicotinamide; Zinc citrate; Calcium D-pantothenate; Vitamin B6; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B1; folic acid; biotin; Vitamin B12; Dye titanium dioxide, release agents fatty acids, Mangnesiumsalze of fatty acids, silica; Filler hydroxypropyl cellulose; vegetable oil; Humectant is glycerin.

Additional informations

Nutrients / per tablet / % of the recommended daily dose per tablet

Vitamin B1 = 1.2 mg ~ 110% *
Vitamin B2 = 1.4 mg ~ 100% *
Vitamin B6 = 1.7 mg ~ 121% *
Vitamin B12 = 3.0 ug ~ 120% *
Pantothenic acid = 5.4 mg ~ 90% *
Biotin = 60 ug ~ 120% *
Niacin 16 mg NE = ~ 100% *
Folic acid 150 micrograms = ~ 75% *
Zinc = 5.0 mg ~ 50% *

* According to the EU regulations concerning nutrition labeling

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