Schirmer Coffee since 1854. Schirmer Coffee is a coffee roaster in Dortmund, Germany. Carefully selected origin coffees from across the globe, are expertly blended. These green beans are then roasted in a “sparing hot air process” – for up to 15 minutes, at temperatures up to 200 C, to produce all roast types, from fine and light to pure dark espresso whole beans. Or, alternatively, according to customer demands we can “High Yield” blends. The roasting technology of Schirmer Kaffee and expertise is complemented by Schirmer Kaffee grinding skills – all grind sizes from household / omni grind to the finest grinds for turkish coffees can be accommodated. Over 155 years of experience and continuous learning has today placed Schirmer Kaffee amongst the most respected of European coffee roasters. Schirmer Kaffee state-of-the-art production facility and focus on total quality management processes (HACCP, ISO, IFS) guarantees that Schirmer Kaffee quality and service is second to none.

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