Haribo is a German confectionery company, founded in 1920 by Johannes “Hans” Riegel, Sr. It is headquartered in Bonn and the name comes from an abbreviation of (Ha)ns (Rie)gel, (Bo)nn. HARIBO – A company with a tradition rooted in sweets. In a word … “Kids & Grown-ups love it so, the Happy World of HARIBO” – there aren’t many people who haven’t heard our famous and trusted slogan. Yet, no matter how cheerful and light-hearted the advertising message may be, our slogan carries with it a commitment and promise to our customers. A promise which HARIBO has always kept, come what may. It’s not without reason that HARIBO sweets are the most popular among consumers and have been so for many decades! A product so loved and so popular as HARIBO however also makes people curious and gives rise to many questions and queries. The PR and Marketing departments are always fielding requests for ever-more information concerning the colourful world of HARIBO. Consumers, retailers, and journalists all want to know just how and when HARIBO got started, how the traditional company from Bonn acquired its name, how the colourful and varied product range of gums, jellies, marshmallows and liquorice were developed, how and by whom were the legendary HARIBO Golden Bears created, and how HARIBO finally achieved its standing today: as a successful, worldwide business with almost legendary customer loyalty. On the following pages, all these and many more questions will be answered. We’ll tell you the story of our company and its people and also about the great importance we place on quality standards, our myriad of products, as well as the many production processes and interesting events surrounding the Golden Bears & Co. We hope you’ll learn a lot, laugh a lot, and above all come to understand why HARIBO is considered by consumers to be the most trustworthy sugar confectionery brand in the world.

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