Tea is a beverage made from the leaves and petals of the plant Camellia sinensis. It’s a popular drink around the world and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Tea is typically served with sugar or milk, and can be enjoyed throughout the day to help soothe your digestion, fight off diseases, and provide general wellness. In fact, many cultures drink tea to stay healthy. Drinking tea has many health benefits; it can prevent diseases like cancer and chronic respiratory and digestive problems. The history of tea beginning in China and India is unclear, as are its origins. The popular belief is that tea was first consumed in China around 200 B20 BC. However, there are several theories about its origin; some claim it was invented in Greece or India, while others believe it was a product of nature. Regardless of where it came from, the first batch of tea leaves were probably bitter but not anymore after the leaves were processed. Over time, tea slowly became a tradition in many cultures around the world. Different types of tea have different properties and characteristics. For example, Chinese tea has more than 200 varieties within that genre alone. Other types of tea include Indian masala chai, English breakfast tea, Greek ouzo and mexican hot chocolate tea. All these variations make categorizing all the different types of tea difficult- but it’s worth it considering all the health benefits associated with drinking it. The health benefits of drinking tea are numerous. First and foremost, drinking tea promotes regularity since it increases your blood pressure and reflexes. It also protects against heart diseases since it prevents blood from clotting too much by elevating your blood pressure. Additionally, drinking tea helps keep your bodylean by promoting cleanliness in your system due to its laxative properties. Furthermore, it keeps your brain hydrated by regulating your body fluids due to its diuretic properties. Not only does tea have numerous health benefits; it also helps maintain your general wellness as you age due to its antioxidant properties. Tea has a rich history and is consumed worldwide for its numerous health benefits. Many cultures drink tea to stay healthy due to its natural properties- which makes perfect sense considering the leaves contain potent amounts of caffeine. There are many varieties of tea including black, green, white, oolong and herbal teas. There’s also a wide range of health benefits associated with drinking different types of tea!

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