Buy now German Coffee, exclusive taste that will surprise you! Brew your perfect coffee from our German online shop .. coffee is the most popular worldwide beverage. It’s also commonly ordered at restaurants, offices and home. Many people enjoy the taste, caffeine content and health benefits of coffee. However, not all countries love coffee as much as we do in fact, some countries don’t drink coffee at all. In this essay, we’ll explore the German love of coffee and explain how to order their national beverage. In Germany, coffee is typically ordered from a waiter. It’s also a common drink at restaurants and cafes. Many Germans like espressos and lattes and drink them at home or work. Toppings such as milk and sugar are often added to coffee to make different variations. At the end of World War I, the Germans stopped using coffee in their national recipe for beer brewing. The recipe now uses decaffeinated ingredients instead of caffeine to reduce fatigue among soldiers. Decaffeinated coffee remains popular in Germany and can be found at health food stores. Many people enjoy drinking coffee in Germany a survey found that 58 percent of adults drink it daily or almost daily. Other popular coffee drinks include Frappuccinos and American style coffee. In Germany, hot water is typically poured over fresh ground spices to make a tea or coffee mixture called kaffee something very different from their national beverage. Some Germans even prefer hot chocolate over hot tea during the winter months. Since many Germans enjoy drinking coffee, they’ve developed many different ways to do so. Outside of work hours, Germans enjoy drinking their national beverage: coffee. They drink it both at home and work and add sugar, cream and other flavors to make favorites. Some prefer tea or American style coffee over kaffinger instead. Coffee remains an important part of German culture! Enjoy a part of German culture now!

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