Dr. Liebe Nachf

Medical specialty toothpastes of Dr. Liebe will be made in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart., Germany. She grew up is Dr. Liebe with the little red tube that virtually everyone knows. 1952 sees Ajona first toothpaste concentrate in Stuttgart-Möhringen the light of day and the tastes of dentists, pharmacists and patients. The concept, the high-quality ingredients, the effect of the presentation and the honest, clear communication with the professionals who in turn led to much ‘word of mouth’ among patients Ajona makes a real success story. Dr. Liebe is now a medium-sized family business which develops only high quality special toothpastes with high medical and scientific requirements and produced in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart itself. It only high-quality and most natural ingredients and flavorings are used, for example, Chamomile extracts and essential oils. Each tube of brand Ajona, Aminomed and Pearls & Dents arises under modern technical conditions with the highest hygienic standards, in order to guarantee the best possible daily oral care. Dr. Liebe Nachf is still strongly influenced by the spirit of the founder. Social responsibility and ecological awareness in a family, personality development work atmosphere will guarantee the full use of each employee and the care of grown corporate culture.

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