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Day for day we ship German cosmetics, German groceries and many more to our expensive buyers from all over the world. International shipping is our daily business. Sure our most buyers are from USA, UK, Canada and Australia .. but we delivery also to Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates .. and to remote areas i.e. in the jungle of Cúc Phương (Vietnam) .. thanks our express carrier FedEx, can our buyers get the .

Nivea Eau de Toilette from Germany

NIVEA Eau de Toilette from Germany
Beiersdorf AG headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, one of the best known companies for skin care, launches Nivea Eau de Toilette in October 2015.  Nivea is a scent of freshness, cleanliness and care, or the scent of most famous cream in the world.   The composition opens with citrusy and clean notes of bergamot, mandarin and lavender. The heart is a bouquet of lily of the valley, rose, freesia and ylang-ylang. Woody shades of sandalwood .

The logic for buying Chocolate from Germany

We can only ship Chocolate to cool weather destinations, worldwide. We can not be held responsible for any chocolates product that arrives damaged due to heat regardless of the shipping method selection. All Chocolate order are for your own risk! We packed your parcel carefully and wrapped the Chocolate with a isolations foil, for protect the heat, to warm weather destinations – but this is not a guarantee!