Best Advent Calendars from Germany for 2022

Best Advent Calendars from Germany for 2022
German Advent Calendars for 2022: We handpicked the coolest Advent calendars from Germany, from beauty, kids and pets to chocolate and coffee. You are supposed to open one window every day starting on 1st December. Every year beautiful and creative Advent Calendars decorate not only children’s rooms in Germany. Young and old enjoy this German tradition. Usually, you will receive a small treat from each window. This is one of the most common German .

World Gratitude Day – we give thanks to our customers!

World Gratitude Day
World Gratitude Day is celebrated today on September 21 annually. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our customers who have placed their trust in us over the years. Being thankful is an essential part of our daily lives. It’s a way to express our appreciation for the good things in life and is a natural response to the blessings we have been given. Expressing our gratitude helps .

How to clean a smelly washing machine?

washing machine cleaning
Washing machines are an essential part of our daily lives. Most homes have one, and they’re used to wash our clothes and dishes. Unfortunately, not all washers are easy to use. When not used correctly, they can cause serious problems for the owner. From mildew to nasty smells, it’s important to clean a washing machine regularly. This is especially true for large washers that accumulate more dirt. In this body paragraph, we’ll discuss how .

Buy authentic German beer steins online

german beer steins
A traditional German beer drinking tradition involves drinking from a ceramic or steel beer stein. The ceramic stein features a deeply burnished finish, while the steel one is more shiny and has a distinctive sheen. When drinking from one, the drinker should avoid touching the inner rim since this will cause the stein to stain. The drinking vessel also has religious significance for many people; it signifies regeneration and renewal since the beverage contained .

Celebrate your own Oktoberfest at home

Oktoberfest 2022
The name ‘Oktoberfest’ means ‘OCTOBER FESTIVAL’ in German. It’s an annual festival held in Munich, Germany, and the whole world knows it as the world’s largest horse-racing event. However, the world knows it as much for its delicious beer and delicious food. The festival first started in 1810 to promote trade within Germany, but it soon became a celebration of Bavarian culture- including traditional folk music and dance. The 187th Wiesn will take place .

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