Wick Blau Vapoplus Menthol Bonbons sugar-free

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Vapoplus Wick Blue Menthol sugar free Bonbons from Germany


Wick Blau Bonbons sugar-free

Experience the unique fresh taste of Wick blue candies. The Wick Blue candy freshen breath not only very long, they help to rid the nose and to soothe the throat with hoarseness and other irritations. The Wick blue candies contain proven blend of pure menthol and Japanese arvensis mint. This provides an extra fresh taste and enables a deep and liberating breath. The special peppermint oils free the nose and soothe the throat.

Content: 72g / 2.5oz

Made in Germany

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Weight 0.12 kg





Original German Language Edition


72g / 2.5oz

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Sweeteners (isomalt, xylitol, acesulfame K), natural mint aroma (0.2%), Menthol (0.2%), Dyes: Patent Blue V and Indigotin

7 reviews for Wick Blau Vapoplus Menthol Bonbons sugar-free

  1. Verified Purchase

    Love the Wick Blau

  2. Doron Cohen

    Great product, which I used to suck for more than ten years now. Good service and rather speed delivery. Shall soon buy again.

  3. doron cohen

    very comfortable to order from German Buy. THey have a clear site, choosing what you want is easy and they are punctual with shipping and delivery.

  4. Doron Cohen

    I enjoy Wick Blau for more than twenty years.
    there was no problem buying them in German. It is rather impossible finding them in Israel. So I buy them from you and they are shipped to me.
    you are all right with taking care of my orders, and rather accurate with time table.Thank you

  5. Olivia A.

    Package received in a timely fashion.

  6. Doron Cohen

    Having Wick Blau in my mouth makes my day better

  7. Oliver U.

    As a fan of refreshing treats, I recently tried the Wick Blau Vapoplus Menthol Bonbons. These sugar-free gems not only freshen my breath but also soothe my throat during hoarseness. The blend of pure menthol and Japanese arvensis mint delivers an invigorating experience, making these bonbons a must-have for anyone seeking a liberating breath. 🌬️🍬

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