Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken Fizzy Candy

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Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken Fizzy Candy from Germany


Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken Fizzy Candy


The delicious Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken, here in flavors of woodruff, orange, lemon and raspberry. If you like sour candies you will love Ahoj-Brause! The shower cubes guarantee the ultimate spray on the tongue.


Content: 80g / 2.8oz


Made in Germany

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg



Ahoj Brause, Frigeo


Original German Language Edition


10 Brocken = total of 80g / 2.8oz

How to use

You can easily make a delicious lemonade from the soluble BRAUSE-BROCKEN with water. You can also simply lick the chunks like a lollipop with relish. However you enjoy the Ahoj BRAUSE-BROCKEN: a tingling taste experience is guaranteed.


Sugar, acid: L (+) – tartaric acid and citric acid, acidity regulator:. Sodium bicarbonate, vegetable fats (canola) completely hardened, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, starch, release agents: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, flavors, beetroot juice concentrate, dyes : carotenes and copper-containing complexes of chlorophyllin.

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2 reviews for Frigeo Ahoj Brause Brocken Fizzy Candy

  1. Tadeusz A.

    This is the real thing!

  2. Monica

    Just like I remembered. I enjoyed these candies when I was a kid in Frankfurt. I finally found them. Perfect fizzy candy!

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